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see ya later alligator  
03:45am 06/28/2010

I've taken this trip so many times yet I still get epically nervous... I just hate travelling/plane rides so much lol.. and I'm even more scared since instead of coming home we're going to Washington from California to see my sister... I'm excited to see her, but scared of the plane rides of doom. XD

Also, I can't find my freaking camera battery charger. >:( I wish I would have noticed this earlier or even yesterday, cuz I would have just taken it as a sign to go buy a new camera LOL. I want the Olympus Pen so hard... maybe I can somehow buy it in California... tho I don't really wnant to drop that much money... OMG WAIT.. maybe I could get it cheaper in Washington on the military base mall store thing.. *__* Hopefully my camera will survive AX and Disneyland then...

ANYWAY. See you guys later... and wsh me good luck to not die on the planes. XD
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