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08:14am 01/29/2011
1) I'm getting my first tattoo this year, goal is before July. I'll probably get it next time I go to visit my sister, Brianne, up in Washington. Hopefully I'll be able to get an appt with the tattoo artist that did her last ink. I'M EXCITED. And terrified. BUT MOSTLY EXCITED. And apparently Brianne has decided we're getting matching Star Wars tattoos lol. I just want the Rebel Alliance symbol tho. Fuck the Empire!

2) OYAH I changed the colors and BG on the ELJAY. I kinda want to make a custom mood theme, but I am too lazy lol. TOO MUCH WERK.

3) I'm feeling kinda art roneries. :< I want to have an arting hangout~ I should just do a livestream soon, that will help I think haha. I also feel ALMOST in a bit of an art rut/slump... like I have a lot of things I SHOULD be drawing.. and that many more ideas for selfish art... but no motivation to do anything lol. At least I'm managing to widdle down my commission list.

4) I had a lot more thoughts when I started this entry.

5) I want to do some artist trading card sets/ACEO/KAKAO too... but wat to do. :/

6) I should finish the lil manga scene I started too... I got about half way into it then started to really despise my crappy panel layouts and took a break. I just don't seem to have a natural feel for it, frustrating lol.

7) Hm still need to make that video blog about the Luna Sea concert... but maybe cuz it's been a while most of what I wanted to say will have left me. CURSE MY PROCRASTINATIVE NATURE~ ::fist of justice::

8) I need to start working on cosplay too~

9) ... ran out of thoughts lol. Guess I should go to bed finally.. and by go to bed I mean prolly watch TV or read. >> <<
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11:56pm 01/29/2011 (UTC)
Sunday. You and me. Let's just get together, draw, work on stuff, doodle... whatever.
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09:40am 01/31/2011 (UTC)
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Blah I'm sorry I spent all day from 4:30am on with a headache. -__- Sometime this week tho for sure!
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02:17am 01/30/2011 (UTC)
since you mentioned manga scenes, i was thinking maybe next time i send you a chunk of script (have i even sent you anything of the last bits i wrote? don't remember) i'll storyboard part of it too. i tend to write a lot of "camera" directions into the script now, probably because i haven't done so much writing since i started acting and scripts became my mode #1. hoping this might help you when it gets to the storyboarding phase.
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09:44am 01/31/2011 (UTC)
lol yeah all i have from you is the opening sequence basically. ^^;
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02:48pm 02/12/2011 (UTC)
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