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Tired ramblings.  
07:43am 01/16/2010
I've been up all night, and even though I feel exhausted I know as soon as I go to lay down I will not be able to sleep. >_< I wish I was awake enough to draw/color/do something productive. Grr.

Anyway. Random ramblings.

I'm always amused when I get super sleep deprived, how it has an almost drunk like effect on me, because I sometimes randomly think about certain people and how much I miss/love them lol. For example, the other night I was thinking how much I love Jesse, lol. I feel like he's a brother to me. Definitely moreso than my actual brothers, haha, sad. ATM I also really miss Zara. And Model Guy (Paul) and Tony the Tiger (James). I would like hugs from all right now kthx.

Speaking of Zara, need to go get you your big care package of gifts and whatnot still, hopefully this weekend. :D We got your package too, and it was full of amazing~~ MAMESHIBA PEN IS FULL OF WIN~ XD And of course the GLAY towel and wristband and other wonderfulness. :'D

And now I'm not so sure if I'll be able to do school this semester, for a few reasons, but mostly cuz they couldn't get me in for a "grad chec" until AFTER the semester started. >:( And I don't really want to take a random class, even if it's something I'd be interested in. Maybe it doesn't make sense, but really I just had the mindset to get in and finish, no nonsense. But yeah besides that there's other stuff. Don't really feel like talking about it atm tho haha.

I successfully rescued all my anime music from my OLD OLD OLD computer's drive recently. :'D IT'S AMAZING. I'm so happy~~~ Now I'm trying to get the rest of my fanart collection off of my less old drive, but it's so effed up it only lets me take off a small amount at a time before it stops responding. >:( It's a painfully slow and irritating process, but I'm determined to save my collection~

Ahh this song I'm listening to, the seiyuu's voice is close to what I imagine Dash's voice would sound like. <3

So far, there's 3 pictures with me and Chibi in it in the latest issue of Happy Swing, which is GLAY's official fanclub magazine~ It's crazyness~~~ Mari said she'd scan more when she got her copy (thanks so much Hisasha for scanning what I've seen sofar tho! <333 ) I was kinda hoping there'd be something about my drawings lol, but I was never expecting there would be.

I feel so far behind on drawings.. I always seem to have a to do a million miles long but I feel like I haven't accomplished anything in a long while. Plus I still need to do the XMas cards.. I think it's just daunting because I have like 50-something I need to write out lol. I thought I had only 30-ish but when I did the final count it was in the 50's. OTL Which reminds me Marco doesn't work at Office Max anymore, WRRRYYYYYY~?? Now who's gunna give me sweet hookups/discounts? ;_;

ORYA. Peeps in Tucson, you should go to Con-nichiwa http://www.con-nichiwa.com/ in March! <3 Me and Chibi are doing Artist Alley~ :3

I need to start working on story stuff, specifically the chara designs and all that. Z-chan I'll prolly send you kinda like a "form" for each character with all the little details I need to know to get them drawn up, that way I won't draw them wrong fo' sho. Also seriously why is it so hard to find a last name for Dash?? I think I'm getting closer tho, I can feel it. XD I also realized it's such a good thing I have this tablet now, because it'll be so much easier and less pressure if I'm able to draw the comic on the computer and more easily fix mistakes. Also it's easier to get a more "manga like" feel with my lines, and since I was planning to lay tones out digitally anyway, solves everything. If you guys wanna see my progress on learning to draw on the tablet thus far, I suggest you look at this AMAZING meme I did with a friend and super talented artist and web comic author for dream*scar. <3

EPIC DOUBLE MEME IS EPIC XD by *TonomuraBix on deviantART

It's so crappy looking, but I'm really so freaking proud of my Darth Vader scribble, omg. XD Especially since I was cracking myself up the whole time lol. I also love how she drew me nekkid lol. And her Zel and Dash pic is hilarious. X'D And HOORAY RIBBON PORN. I totally want to make a stamp that says that lol. It can be our special club. I can't wait to get to do a pchat session with her too. <3

Also can't wait to do this meme with Monica. XD I want to draw her a cute Lum picture. <3 And I totally know what to draw for when I have to draw what she looks like, it'll be so awesome and hilarious LOLZ. Haha ah I lurv Monica, and Roald. I should make Roald do it with me too. XD

I think I might be out of things to talk about haha. Maybe I can sleep now. Or fail at it and end u[ back here.
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10:08am 01/17/2010 (UTC)
doku: GV09: Hisa
Hope you can get the rest of your stuff from your old drive! I need to start backing my stuff up on an external too, but guh...so tedious, lol.

That...is a lot of christmas cards LOL. Uber belated x-mas cards, but at least you're dedicated to it~ Just seeing that number alone has me like "o lawd, no way" XD;

Saw your meme thingy on dA and had a good laugh at Vader-sketch. It's so awesome XD
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11:09am 01/17/2010 (UTC)
Bix: say please say thank you...
Thanks~~ It's such a slow process omg~ I don't know the rhyme or reason on why is stops responding either other than the drive is just on crack haha. But yeah dude, totally back up your stuff, so you don't have to sit here day after day pulling like 5-10MBs of stuff off at a time lol.

Yeah they're gunna be uber belated, but they'll get out dammit~ One year my cards will be on time lol.

Haha thanks, I'm happy you enjoyed. XDD
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