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03:28am 01/28/2011
SO wooooooow. I haven't posted on here since late June 2010 haha. But Kara is crazy nice and bought me a year sub to LJ, and other friends are flocking back here and yelling at me to do the same.. so here I am again haha.

At the very least I'm going to try and make more of an effort to read everyone's entries (and start snagging some of the hot pix from jrock_scans I've been missing holy hell), and post more if I can. Tho with my current situation I'm afraid things would sound too emo/introspective to expose you all to haha. For now I'll just say my health is slightly rollercoastering again, not too much to be worried about tho, just a shit load of various doctor appts coming up because of it so I'm not very happy haha.

Last year had the typical amount of pretty epic ups and downs. I did a lot last year tho, made a lot of new acquaintances, friends, and connections. I hope this year I'll get to do just as much if not more.

Right now I'm getting closer to wrapping up a pretty epic project I started with some of my artist pals, a coloring book. It's insanely awesome, but things are a bit tough trying to keep 15 artists in line with deadlines and ideas and such lol. I'm a bit worried right now that I might have a few falling off the wagon close to the finish line for one reason or another... but hopefully they'll pull it together soon.

Anyway.. I'm kinda lightheaded so I think I shall go lay down, maybe even sleep if I'm lucky. ;p TTYL!
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02:16pm 01/29/2011 (UTC)
I am commenting!

Welcome back to Livejournal!

Now you can post about all the drama in your life, while people who want to sleep with you post sympathetic or funny comments!

... I have now created a paradox for myself. >_>
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02:50pm 01/29/2011 (UTC)
Bix: cooties = murder
picword: cooties = murder
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