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12:18am 02/25/2011
So I swear to god I've just been a meatbag of sickness this month. DX A cold, migraines, bacterial infection, super harsh period, and moar... and now that today I was actually feelin' pretty good I spent the day cleaning, but now I have a cramp in my lower bag from all the moving and sitting in awkward positions for too long. XD; SO I'm calling it quits for tonight.. got a pain patch on my back and took some medicine so hopefully pain will subside soon. ^^;

For now I'm gunna indulge and do some drawing~~ *___* I'm so grateful for all the commissions I've gotten these last few months, but damn it's hard to feel accomplished because I feel like when I finish one another one comes to take it's place so I'm never done~ DX I shouldn't complain... but man I kinda just want a break lol. But yeah not gunna happen.. especially since Con-nichiwa is comin' up late March, and guess who just sent in an app for a (HORRIBLY EXPENSIVE) Phoenix ComicCon table? YEAH ME. \(^o^)/ I'm really excited, because even if I don't sell enough to break even, I'll be excited for the exposure to a whole new crowd and not just animoo peeps. *____* And the coloring book should be out by then too so I'm hoping if nothing else that will sell at least. God I only need a few more people's art and then it's pretty much DONE and ready to be sent off to get printed... it's been I think 4 or 5 months in the making, which isn't that long I guess but omg I just want it to be done already lol. I'm tired of harping and chasing after artists for work haha. But it's been a really fun experience, and I hope we get to make more after this. <3

But ugh ok I'm gunna make a post after this raving about this CD i'm listening to then get to wrk drawing before I get too tired. XD
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:.music.: D - 月下の夜想曲 (GEKKA NO YASOUKYOKU) [Malice Mizer Cover]
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"I am not the kind of Goddess of Victory that people cheer for. I am merely a marionette who is fighting to cut off her own strings. At my feet is a hill covered in skeletons, I am nothing but an angel of death."
- Alexiel, Angel Sanctuary Vol.11

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