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01:41am 02/25/2011

So I had pre-ordered this CD, CRUSH! -90's V-Rock best hit cover songs-, because it sounded like it was gunna be full of so much EPIC WIN that there was simply no choice... AND OH MAN I HAVE NOT BEEN LET DOWN. So even tho I doubt anyone is gunna read this, I'm gunna rant about each song and my thoughts on them. XD

1. heidi. - ピンク スパイダー (Pink Spider) [hide Cover]

I think hide is the best way to start any CD. XD The song is pretty straightforward with little changes made, I think heidi. did really well. ^_^ I kind of wish they would have added more of their own touches to it, as I've heard quite a few covers of Pink Spider so I was hoping for something a little different. But, why mess with perfection I guess right? ;D When I was thinking about who I would have liked to hear cover this song, Miyavi actually came to mind. Despite my misgivings with his music sometimes, he is an amazing guitarist and I can only imagine where he could have taken this or any other hide song.

2. Doremidan - 街 (MACHI) [SOPHIA Cover]

I haven't heard the original song as SOPHIA is one of those great bands that has just continued to slip under my radar, but I do like me some Doremidan. :) The song is cute and catchy, so it's all good to me. ^^

3. BugLug - Melty Love [SHAZNA Cover]

When I first listened to this, my instant reaction was "OMFG <3." Melty Love is the first song by SHAZNA I ever listened to, and even though Izam kinda scared me at first I've grown to love him, and this song remains my favorite song haha. But yeah, I've seen a few BugLug PVs randomly, and they're SO GENKI and colorful.. SUPER oshare kei so it's a pretty perfect match for this song IMO. They somehow managed to make the song even cuter and even moar poppy punk, srsly it's amazing haha. If antique cafe weren't in hiatus I would say they would have been an even better choice for this, but yeah BugLug did an amazing job in their own right. <3


This is my favorite SIAM SHADE song~ So I kinda had high expectations, and I ended up being pretty disappointed at first despite liking NoGod. :/ It's not BAD... it's just not great either somehow haha. But the more I listen to it, the more it grows on me... maybe it's just because the song itself is so good even a so-so cover can't do too much wrong haha.

5. D - 月下の夜想曲 (GEKKA NO YASOUKYOKU) [Malice Mizer Cover]

I was kinda nervous about this one, because I've never listened to D before so I didn't know what to expect. But oh man I was surprised in the BEST way by this cover. *___* D turned this song into a melodic metal piece (imagine Mois Dix Mois sounding stuff) and his deep vocals suit the song and what he did with it PERFECTLY. It's fucking awesome, I couldn't be more pleased if Mois Dix Mois covered it haha.

6. Lolita23q - STORM [LUNA SEA Cover]
So Lolita23q is one of my absolute FAVORITE new school V-Kei bands, so I had really high hopes for this cover because it's fucking Luna Sea. *__* And they did an AMAZING job. All of the instruments sound what I can only describe as vibrant, and Soshi's vocals are very clean.. I would have liked him to maybe have a little more oomph at some parts but he did great none-the-less. FANTASTICAL~

7. Manterou Opera - 紅 (KURENAI) [X JAPAN Cover]

I admittingly haven't listened to much of Manterou, but I've heard so many good things about them that I wasn't too concerned, although I wouldn't have minded a different band taking on the almighty X JAPAN. But much to their credit, they did an incredible job. *_* The singer's voice is kind of high and unique sounding much like Toshi's, so it's a good fit. And the rest of the band did an amazing job keeping up with this super fast paced and energetic song. I also like the dramatic organ they added, it definitely adds a personal touch. :D

8. DaizyStripper - With-you [La'cryma Christi Cover]

So even though I really like La'cryma Christi I don't actually have much music from them so I hadn't heard the original song before haha. ^^; I also haven't listened to DaizyStripper very much even though I have a few songs by them.. but I don't recall the singer sounding so much like a woman. ._. None-the-less, the song is bouncy and cute. <3 I likes~

9. 12012 - Winter, again [GLAY Cover]

Obviously, I had EPIC HIGH EXPECTATIONS for this because not only is it GLAY but Winter, again is one of my all time favorite songs, but I really like 12012 so I was pretty confident they'd do well (even though I thought it was kinda an odd pairing haha). They also went the route of not messing with perfection, so it's a spot on cover, and it's really just beautiful. <3 12012 did an incredible job, and the singer's voice carries so much feeling and emotion, they just totally owned it. LOVE.

10. AND - ロマンス (ROMANCE) [PENICILLIN Cover]

I've never listened to AND and haven't heard the original song either despite being somewhat familiar with both bands, but I think it's a great cover and has definitely perked my interest in AND. <3

11. Mix Speaker's, Inc. - S.O.S ロマンティック (S.O.S ROMANTIC) [CASCADE Cover]

I've NEVER heard of CASCADE so I didn't have any idea what to expect haha. But I am a big fan of Mix Speaker's Inc. ( for those of you that know Psycho le Cemu, this is the band AYA and seek are now in :3 ), so I knew it was gunna be good. I haven't looked up the original song, but I'm all but sure Mix added a lot of their own personal touches to it since it has a lot of their signature Halloween Carnival sound in it. XD It's definitely a fun song!


So I think I've heard of D-SHADE just not their music, and I've never heard of LOST ASH, so again didn't know what to expect. It's a really good song tho! Really upbeat and fun, and it definitely has this feel of old school Visual Kei somehow haha.

13. MERRY - Schweinの椅子 (SCHWEIN NO ISU) [Dir en grey Cover]

Somehow I thought MERRY had been around for a lot longer so I was kinda confused when I first saw they were COVERING a song as opposed to being covered... but yeah they've only been around since 2001 so I don't know what I was thinking. XD Anyhoo, even though Schwein no Isu is from my favorite Dir en grey era and indeed one of my fav Diru songs, I feel like there are much better songs more suited to Merry than this... I feel like Gara's voice, which I adore, is wasted on all the growling and screaming lyrics in this song. So even tho I do like this cover, anytime I listen to it I can't help but feel frustrated haha. Honestly, I think they should have sung Cage, that would have been AMAZING.

14. DuelJewel - JUPITER [BUCK-TICK Cover]

This is one of the songs that made me jizz myself when I first read the tracklist for this CD. Duel Jewel is one of my all time favorite bands, and this is my all time favorite BUCK-TICK song s it's like a match made in heaven haha. They added their own personal touches to it, which only makes this already beautiful song that much more epic and haunting. <333 FUCKING.LOVE.IT.


Never heard of the band doing this cover, but I LOVE Raphael. DOG did a good job on this cover, kept it mostly the same as the original... but somehow it kinda just fails to grab me. :/ I'm not sure why really... cuz it's not bad like I said... I dunno. :/ I was thinking of who I'd rather hear cover Raphael, and for whatever reason Versailles came to mind.. I think that would have been freaking epic. *___*

Overall, this CD is just amazing. <3 Totally worth every penny and I hope they do another one!!! A few bands I think would be awesome to hear covered even though maybe they might not be quite as "influential" or classic as the bands covered on this CD, are PIERROT, Psycho le Cemu, and SEX MACHINEGUNS to name a few. Hell they could cover the exact same bands for all I care, I just want moar. XD
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01:59pm 02/25/2011 (UTC)
I was disappointed with the 1/3 no junjou na kanjou too. I HAVE VERY HIGH EXPECTATIONS FOR THAT SONG. :( But it's okay now...
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11:33am 02/26/2011 (UTC)
hehe which ones did you like? :D
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03:29am 02/27/2011 (UTC)
Z: My Love
AAAAAAA, i want to hear this CD, lots of good stuff! i had the same reaction reading the duel jewel/buck-tick combo, good match! going to listen to the vids now...

oh, and i think pierrot was def big enough to merit a cover, don't know why they're not on there!
picword: My Love
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07:55am 02/27/2011 (UTC)
hopefully they'll just make another CD like this. *__*
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09:37am 04/09/2011 (UTC)
I hope you will keep updating your content constantly as you have one dedicated reader here.

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04:51am 04/11/2011 (UTC)
haha well i'll certainly try
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